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About Here and Now Retreats


Welcome to our little slice of heaven, a comfortable, inspiring, safe space where you can connect with like-minded people, nature, ideas and yourself.

We have been working as practitioners in our respective fields, together and alone for over 15 years, and in that time we have been moved to offer an opportunity for creative minds looking for new ways to connect with the world around them. Through our own practice, we have learned that our best work comes to fruition when we create a perfect environment conducive to success... so what does that look like? The short answer is that most people will have their own ideal space to let their imagination run wild, but we also know that most setups will have a few things in common: peace and quiet, and inspiring environment, copious amounts of hot beverages, light and airy spaces and above all no interruptions, and we have also learned that by adding a couple of additional elements, the outcomes grow exponentially, cue in re-energising yoga, inspiring walks, good company and delicious food.



What can I expect at a Here and Now retreat?


The days will start with fresh teas and coffees, followed by an invigorating yoga session to wake up your sense and clear your mind. We will enjoy a hearty breakfast together to fuel our muse, which will be followed by an inspiring outdoor adventure. There will be plenty of opportunities for writing, getting some feedback, laughing, moving and interacting with nature. Sharing your work is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended.



What can I expect from a Here and Now Retreat?


What you get out of a retreat will  be closely related with what you put in, so more open and adventurous you are the more you will see your work evolve in new directions. Ultimately, this is a gift to yourself, an opportunity to try something new and incorporate new things into your practice, whether it is perfecting a pose, trying out a new writing style, or perhaps even your first go at committing to locally sourced vegetarian meals for a set period of time, the point is that you should allow yourself to get out of your routine and bring new things to your day to day life.



Who are Here and Now Retreats for?


Our retreats are an opportunity for adventure, and naturally the other participants will influence our collective experience. Because the retreats are heavily focused on the process of mastering your craft, rather than the final outcome, we find that the retreats are perfect for those who are either new to either writing or yoga (or both) or coming to it after a break. We also find they are great for those who are a bit stuck and might need some inspiration, or for people who are wanting to experiment with a new style of working.



What will the writing be like?


Oriana’s background is in performance poetry, so she is particularly interested in exploring all things poetry and blank verse, but her overall goal is to inspire the group, so the sessions will be packed with writing exercises, tips and ideas and a little bit of analysis as well as plenty of opportunities for sharing. Do we expect you will finish that novel you’ve been working on for the past 17 years during our time together? No... but you just might find a way to get back into it.


What will the yoga be like?


Alexandra is a movement artist and bodywork practitioner with a background in yoga, dance, exercise and touch therapies. Her wealth of knowledge ranges from anatomy & physiology, choreography & improvisation to metaphysics & mindfulness. 


During the retreat she’ll be offering a mix of energising and restorative yoga sessions depending on the time of day, weather and the group’s request. Sessions will include breathing techniques, gentle vinyasas, deep blissful savasanas, journeying through the chakras, gentle touch or reiki and a possible dance to music session which is entirely optional



How are we going to connect with nature?


This sounds like quite an obvious question, but again, the process is different for everyone. You can however expect to experience nature in a more purposeful way, therefore taking in things you might have not noticed before. 

I really want to indulge a little- what would you suggest?

Aside form the yummy food, the delicious yoga, the creative writing and the inspiring setting for our retreats, Alex will be offering private massage treatments. To find out more about her availability and how to book, just drop us an email.