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Here/Now Retreats is organised and brought to you by Alexandra Williams, Oriana Ascanio and Bryce Dumont. Too flexible and outdoorsy to be a writing retreat, too creative to call ourselves a yoga retreat and too full of delicious food thats good for you to be called wellbeing retreat, we like to think of ourselves as creators of opportunities for fun, creative, nourrishing and mindful adventures. 

With very strong Devon connections, each of us has learned to incorporate nature and our surroundings in our practice, and we have all worked in our respective fields for at least 15 years each. Through that time, we have had the opportunity to experience deep collaboration and all the benefits of having a holistic approach to our work, where mind and body come together to work in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Alex and Ori began working togehter some 13 years ago, while they pursued their degrees at what was then Dartington College of Arts. In that time, Oriana used to frequent spoken words events organised by Bryce, and they staid in touch through the years supporting each other's creative pursuits. In early 2018, after a lot of talking drinking copius amounts of tea and discussing how we all felt like the world could do with more opportunities for creative play, guiltless food and exciting artwork, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and put everything we've learned in our practice into action, and that's how Here/Now Retreats was born.

You can learn more about your hosts and facilitators bellow.

Alexandra began practising yoga back in 1991 with a Hatha yoga teacher in her hometown and then went onto explore astanga, iyengar, yin, restorative and Vanda Scaravelli styles. 


She believes yoga is all about coming home to yourself, through your breath whilst resting or warming up the body through moving into different postures, allowing tensions to be released and giving your body/mind a holiday. 

With over 20 years experience in body work, she is also a fully qualified massage therpaist, as well as an amazing mediation guide. When she is not working to bring peace and joy to those around her you can find Alex in her allotment near her home in Hertforshire or Devon visiting family.

Oriana has been writing since she can remember, from journaling, through to poetry, perfomance, dada slams, the occacional guest blog, and everything in between, Ori can be usually found plotting and planning the every move of the ficticious characters that regularly feature in her work. 

She began her career covering music events and reveiwing the arts scene in her native Caracas, where she also worked in radio until she realised she feels most at home between verses and stanzas. 

Ori has also spent the past seven years working as a writing coach and workshop fascilitator, helping authors in creative, commercial and academic settings find their voice through their pens. When she is not writing, you can usually find her in her kitchen, or sewing, or doing both at the same time creating some very fashion forward concoctions.

Bryce learned cooking from his father and baking from his mother.  Having a few food allergies growing up, he learned to adapt and modify recipes.


In 2010, following a varied career in performance, books, and food, Bryce took the plunge and opened Devon's first all vegan cafe, bringing the food he loved from his native California to his new English home.


Bryce loves sharing his food creations with people.  During his time running the cafe, he would often use his creativity to recommend recipes and alternative for people wanting to try new things or who recently found that they had developed an intolerance.

When he is not cooking, he can usually be found at a local poetry slam or comedy night in Exeter, where he is known for writing fortune cookie poetry and the such.